We have all heard the tall tales of fisherman, the scary stories around a campfire, and have seen movies about the things that cannot be explained.  There are things that remain a mystery, things that are only found in the deepest and darkest places in the ocean, only move in the night, or things that you just catch a glimpse of out of the corner of your eye. Similarly, Plumbers can share tales of the discoveries they have found in the deep and dark places that only they are brave enough to embark into.


Below are the “Top Ten” strangest things on record that have been found in pipes:

  1. Bullets and Explosives Explosives from WWII have been found in the sewers of London, England.
  2. Livestock? – Yes, a cow was found eight years ago when a Chinese farmer lost a cow.
  3. Jackpot!! – A plumber was called out because a gravity line was blocked. The quarters filled two five-gallon buckets resulting in a $12,000 find!
  4. Sorry, I missed your call! – Smartphones
  5. “It’s not mine” – Contraband
  6. Something to chew on – Dentures
  7. Missed the party bus – Miniature Bottles of Liquor
  8. It’s on a bird, it’s on a plane, it’s in the sewer – Superhero Action Figures
  9. Nothing is scary than bad hygiene – Hygiene Products
  10. Animals, Animals and Animals Lizards, snakes, alligators and many more.


If you suspect some paranormal activities with your commercial plumbing, a sewer camera inspection could provide answers to your questions.

Reasons for a sewer camera inspection include:

  1. Visually see the internal condition of the pipes
  2. Locate the issue in the pipe within a few feet
  3. Determine the issues in the pipe; blockage, roots, broken pipe, etc.
  4. Video documentation of the inspection for future reference
  5. Lower labor costs vs. traditional methods


So, if you think you have some paranormal activity going on in your pipes, who you gonna call?? Hardy Services!!

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