Need Your Backflow Tested

Have you received a notice from Birmingham Water Works to have your backflow preventer tested?


If so, Hardy Services can help! We will test the backflow and submit all paperwork to Birmingham Water Works for you!


Backflow occurs when clean water reverses direction and suctions dirty water into the drinking water supply.  A properly operating backflow devise prevents hazardous substances from entering into the drinking water system, contaminating the water.  To prevent serious code violations and health issues backflow testing is required by the Birmingham Water Works.


Hardy Services is a preferred vendor with The Birmingham Water Works to perform the backflow testing that is required by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management.  Requirements for backflow testing and additional information from Birmingham Water Works can be found HERE.


If you would like to set up a time for your Backflow to be inspected, please call us at 591-5678 or visit us at