Is Your Toilet “Laboring” or Constantly Running?

Here are a few of the main reasons your toilet is “Laboring” or constantly running:


Yes, your toilet has a flapper! It is located inside the base of the tank. The sole job of the flapper is to regulate the water flow from the tank to the toilet bowl. Before you flush the toilet, the flapper forms a tight seal and does not allow any water out of the tank. When you flush the toilet, the flapper is pulled up by a chain to an open position and allows all the water out of the tank, so the toilet will flush properly. Once the water is evacuated the flapper should fall back down into the closed position and allow the tank to refill.

If the flapper does not seal at the base of the tank perfectly, water will slowly drain into the bowl. The “running” sound will occur when water has drained from the tank into the toilet causing the fill valve ball to fall below the “full” point and the tank will begin to refill until the fill valve ball is back to “full”.

Flappers fail due to age, warping, cracking, debris or build up around the seal.


The chain connects the flush valve to the flapper. If the chain is too short it can keep the flapper from sealing to the bottom of the tank. Or if the chain is too long, it may begin to catch on other elements inside the tank or get caught underneath the flapper and not allowing the flapper to seal. Thus causing your toilet to be constantly “running”.


The fill valve regulates the amount of water inside the tank. Once the toilet is flushed the fill valve drops below the suggested water level, the water is introduced into the tank, and once the fill valve reaches the “full” level the water should shut off and the tank should be full.
If the fill valve becomes faulty the result could be a “running” toilet as it will not reach the “full” level and the water will constantly run.

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