When Should I Call A Commercial Plumber?

Plumbing issues happen in all commercial and industrial buildings and as a result all businesses are faced with the question, “When do I call a professional or can I fix this problem myself?”

Below are some helpful hints to know when you need to call a professional plumber.

Here are some Helpful Hints from Hardy Services so you will know when to call a commercial plumber:

  • You smell gas inside your facility
  • Your water bill spikes
  • You notice pressure surges when using sinks and toilets
  • Low to No water pressure
  • Foreign items are put down your plumbing system
  • You need kitchen equipment installed
  • You receive a letter from an attorney stating your bathrooms do not meet ADA requirements
  • You receive a notice from the water works needing your backflow presenter tested.

A contributing factor to your water bill spikes, water pressure problems, and other water flow issues can be leaks. Here are two typical leaks that occur:

  • Hidden leaks can result in nightmares for building owners. Once the leak is finally discovered, repairs may require removing walls, floors ceilings.Some signs to help spot a hidden leak are: unexpected increase in water bill, signs of water damage or stains along walls, floorboards, wet floors, carpets or other structures.
  • Underground leaks in sewer drains or other buried piping systems could lead to expensive repairs. In many cases, these types of leaks will require a visual inspection by remote video camera to pinpoint the location of the leak. When the leak is discovered, the pipes will have to be dug up and repaired.Some signs for underground leaks are: unexpected increase in water bill, areas of wet soil, or areas of grass that are growing faster than the surrounding areas.

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