Where Is Your Water Pressure?

There is nothing more frustrating than going to wash your hands and you can’t rinse the soap off due to low water pressure.

Sometimes the low water pressure issue isn’t just located at the faucet, it is affecting the entire facility.  When your facility is impacted; it can slow work, create an unsanitary environment, or even cause a total shutdown.   A Water Leak Detection test completed by one of our professional Plumbers may be the answer!


  • It’s not you, it’s them…. Is the issue on the City’s (Water Providers) side? Commercial lines are subject to clogs, corrosion, leaks, damage, and other malfunctions that will affect your water pressure. Leak Detection will help to determine if the problem is on your side of the water meter or on the City’s (Water Providers) side of the water meter.
  • You may have a leak! Obviously, leak detection can locate the leak and a professional plumber will provide a solution to the problem to prevent further damage and restore the water pressure to your system.
  • Your pipes are corroded. Pipes don’t last forever. As old, galvanized steel pipes wear out, they develop leaks.  Leaks can contribute to a loss in water pressure.  A qualified plumber will upgrade your plumbing system, if necessary.
  • Your pressure regulator is on the brink. Your pressure regulator is a control valve that regulates the flow of water through your plumbing system.  When it fails, either the water pressure is too high, possibly damaging pipes, or the water pressure will drop dramatically.
  • Your water heater is broken. If you experience low water pressure when using hot water only, there is a good chance that the water heater is the problem. A professional plumber will know if it’s time to replace the water heater.



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