Squeaking, creaking, vibrating, and banging pipes can make you feel like you are living with ghosts or goblins. However, more than likely…… it is nothing supernatural, but just sounds that could be explained by issues in your water pipes.



“Creaking” sounds can be caused by hot water traveling through copper pipes. The hot water causes the pipes to expand causing them to rub against any surface surrounding them.

Once copper pipes begin to cool off, they start to contract and may cause a ticking or creaking sound. A possible resolution to the “Creaking” & “Ticking” noises could be an adjustment to your water temperature or wrapping the pipes to lower or eliminate the sounds.



Mineral buildup in your water pipes can cause “Popping” sounds. The buildup creates a rough coating on the inside of the pipes, which results in the forming of air bubbles that burst and pop when the water heats up. The source of these “Popping” sounds may be your water heater. A Commercial Plumber will know how to flush your water heater to reduce sediment or can install a new water heater if needed.



A common and easily manageable issue that can contribute to many of the sounds and vibrations in your systems water pipes is water pressure. Loosely attached water pipes sometimes vibrate due to the pressure of traveling water. Pipes that vibrate against solid objects can produce a loud vibrating or knocking sounds.

A sudden banging or clanging throughout your water pipes could be caused by a closed valve that suddenly halts the flow of running water causing a hydraulic shock wave to travel through the pipe until it hits a solid obstacle with a loud bang! A Commercial Plumber could help to solve the issue.


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