Squeaking, creaking, vibrating, and banging pipes can make you feel like you are living with ghosts or goblins. However, more than likely…… it is nothing supernatural, but just sounds that could be explained by issues in your water pipes.   CREAKING AND TICKING SOUNDS “Creaking” sounds can be caused by hot water traveling through copper […]


Have you found a puddle of water in the mechanical room or notice a wet spot on the ceiling tile?  If so, something is wrong.  Likely, you’re A/C has a leak!  What do you do now??!! First, don’t hit the panic button!  There are several possible causes for an A/C to leak water and many […]

Where Is Your Water Pressure?

There is nothing more frustrating than going to wash your hands and you can’t rinse the soap off due to low water pressure. Sometimes the low water pressure issue isn’t just located at the faucet, it is affecting the entire facility.  When your facility is impacted; it can slow work, create an unsanitary environment, or […]


HOT AS A FIRECRACKER!! DON’T BE A DUD ON HVAC MAINTENANCE The dog days of summer are in force! Is your air conditioning system ready for the challenge?  HVAC system maintenance helps keep your system running reliably and efficiently.  Your HVAC system maintenance is crucial for a comfortable and smooth summer. HVAC preventative maintenance is […]

HVAC Cleaning is a MUST! Here Comes the GERMS!!

There is no question that air quality is vital to our health, especially for people with underlying health conditions. As cities grow and as we move back into our offices, air quality will be an ongoing challenge.   HVAC cleaning and maintenance is essential for air quality especially for commercial spaces that were closed due […]


HUMIDITY AND POOR AIR QUALITY Humidity is a key component of air quality. Indoor air quality can drastically affect a person’s health, comfort, and the ability to function at their best while at home or at the workplace.   HUMIDITY AFFECT THE WORKPLACE Workplaces with inadequate ventilation and poorly functioning air conditioning systems often suffer […]

You Can’t Beat Us On Cost!!!

YOU CAN’T BEAT US ON COST!!!   Are you making your service provider decisions based on Price or Cost?  Are you getting what you pay for? Do you know your company’s maintenance costs?  Do you know the services that are being provided? In this blog, we will reveal why a preventive maintenance program may seem […]

Look Mom! No Hands!

Have you ever washed your hands and then touched the handles to turn off the water or pulled/pushed a flush valve on a toilet or urinal?  If so, how clean can your hands your hands actually be?  If you have not thought about it before, let’s start thinking about it now! How can a “no-hands” […]


Happy New Year to ALL!  Every year we celebrate the beginning of a new year with traditions, parties, football and of course, resolutions.  We set our goals and what we hope to accomplish in the upcoming year.  However, due to COVID there may be some new resolutions to consider.  Let’s find out why it is […]

Need Your Backflow Tested

Have you received a notice from Birmingham Water Works to have your backflow preventer tested?   If so, Hardy Services can help! We will test the backflow and submit all paperwork to Birmingham Water Works for you!   Backflow occurs when clean water reverses direction and suctions dirty water into the drinking water supply.  A properly […]