Need Your Backflow Tested

Have you received a notice from Birmingham Water Works to have your backflow preventer tested?   If so, Hardy Services can help! We will test the backflow and submit all paperwork to Birmingham Water Works for you!   Backflow occurs when clean water reverses direction and suctions dirty water into the drinking water supply.  A properly […]

“Bennie and the Jetter”

Just as Sir Elton John had a hit with a similar name, jetting can hit the clogs and low flow issues that your system may be experiencing with the power of water to shake it loose.  So……  WHAT IS COMMERCIAL JETTING  Commercial high-pressure jetting is a simple, effective, and eco-friendly way to clean your sewer line […]

Benefits of UV Lighting and Bipolar Ionization

As you gradually re-enter the “traditional” work environment, there are many ways to improve the air quality in your workplace.  Here are two options that Hardy Services can install for you and your employees. UV Lighting: UV lights are effective and work in a specific range. They are known to kill organic growth, such as […]

R22 Phase Out: What you need to know

What is R22? R22, commonly known as “Freon”, is the refrigerant that was widely used in residential and commercial air conditioning systems that are more than 10 years old.  R22 has been classified by the EPA as a Class 2 controlled substance.  Class 2 substances are all hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), which are transitional substitutes for many […]

Plumbing Tips For Maintaining Healthy Work Environment

As we gradually move back to our work environments, Hardy Services would like to offer a few plumbing tips to help maintain a safe and sanitized environment for you, your employees, and guests. BACKFLOW TESTING A backflow is a device that is required on all in-ground irrigation systems. A properly operating backflow device prevents hazardous […]

Pump Up the Grind!

Do you have issues with your septic tank or sewage line backing up? If so, you may want to consider a Grinder Pump for your system. What is a grinder pump? A grinder pump station contains the pump, the tank, and an alarm panel. A cutting mechanism macerates waste and grinds any items that might […]

Creating A Happy Work Environment With Climate Control

In virtually every office, “thermostat wars” rage: some like it hot, while some like it cold, and companies find it impossible to please everyone. In a recent study by the Indoor Environment Group,, some key findings were made: 50% of respondents say they were dissatisfied several times with the temperature in their office. 42% […]