Creating A Happy Work Environment With Climate Control

In virtually every office, “thermostat wars” rage: some like it hot, while some like it cold, and companies find it impossible to please everyone. In a recent study by the Indoor Environment Group,, some key findings were made: 50% of respondents say they were dissatisfied several times with the temperature in their office. 42% […]

Don’t Get Spooked By Noises of a Freaky Furnace

It’s hard to believe that “Old Man Winter” is right around the corner and with cooler temperatures approaching it won’t be long before we are turning on our furnaces. As we start our furnaces for the first time, we may encounter some “spooky” noises. As equipment ages or sits dormant during their off-season some problems […]

Benefits of Building Automation Systems

Today’s Building Automation Systems serve as the central nervous system for Commercial HVAC Systems.  These systems monitor and regulate the performance of the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning year-round.  Here are just a few examples of how a Building Automation System can be beneficial to you and your commercial HVAC system. Control Building Automation Systems […]


Whether you own HVAC equipment or are in the business of repairing it, you will experience firsthand the many noises your equipment may make.  As with any equipment malfunctions tend to occur creating a variety of noises. This blog covers some of these noises and their possible causes.   Rattling A rattling noise could be […]

When Should I Call A Commercial Plumber?

Plumbing issues happen in all commercial and industrial buildings and as a result all businesses are faced with the question, “When do I call a professional or can I fix this problem myself?” Below are some helpful hints to know when you need to call a professional plumber. Here are some Helpful Hints from Hardy […]

Is Your System Springing Into Action?

Spring time brings the beauty of trees and flowers blooming, BBQ’s, and outdoor fun. But it also brings showers, pollen, allergens, and warmer temperatures. So, is your HVAC system ready to spring into action this season? Will your HVAC system operate efficiently or will the months that it has laid dormant cause your unit to […]